Matthew Sean Shukin - Guitar & Backing Vocals

About Me:


Instruments/Band Role: Guitar/Vocals/Percussion



Top Five Bands/Artists:

-The Rolling Stones

-Black Sabbath

-Low Cut Connie

-Little Feat



First Concert:

-Avenged Sevenfold 




Favorite Concert:

-Impossible to pick



If You Could Bring One Musician Back from the Dead:

-Frank Zappa



What are you Listening to Currently:

-Three Mile Ditch - The Wytches

-World As A Waiting Room - White Denim

-Private Lives - Low Cut Connie

-Howlin' Wolf



Favorite Movie:

-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 


Favorite TV Show:

-Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul



Favorite Food:







-Starting Fires


Pet Peeves:

-Picking Favorites